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Temperature Control and Mildew Reduction

We were happy to work with a customer recently to reduce their massive electricity bill, which was caused by constantly running their air conditioner to help stop mildew.

To combat this, we installed the AC Genie with a temperature/humidity sensor. The AC genie is hard wired to the air conditioner, it notices when the room is vacant and simply turns off the air conditioner to save power. The AC Genie monitors the humidity levels and cycles the air conditioner if the humidity gets above a preset level. This results in massive savings per room per day.

The savings are easy to calculate when you consider the air conditioner uses 2500 watts of energy per hour, every hour the air conditioner is switched off saves you money. The AC Genie now monitors the humidity levels in the house and cycles the air conditioner only when needed, instead of unnecessarily running it continually just to stop mildew.